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 Via Email: September 7, 2002


Hon G. Papandreou:


On behalf of the multitude members of the Pan-Macedonian Association   USA , I would like to extend to you our warmest regards and deep appreciation  for your efforts to find the best possible solution in the sorting out of  our serious differences with the FYROM.


However, as the UN Interim Accord expires in a few days, there is a  general concern about the end result of the negotiations at the UN Security  Council. As the direct parties of interest, we are pleading to you [keeping in  mind our History and Civilization from antiquity to present], and we are  kindly requesting the Greek Government to impose the positions of Hellas to  finally end the vicious propaganda which was orchestrated and spread worldwide  by FYROM in violation of Article 7 of the Interim Accord, and which in the  past year became extremely intense and provocative.


We expect to see a justifiable solution for the interest of Greece ; we  owe that to our Predecessors; we owe that to our History.  Actions aimed at usurping Macedonian History and Identity of Hellas, are actions aimed  at the destruction of Hellas itself.  We, as the aggrieved neighboring Nation,  have been more than generous, over-permissive, and lenient, and it is past  time for us to assert our rights to the above matter.


The Hellenes have the truth on their side and thus can prove what they  say. To the contrary, the FYROM and other unreliable sources will never be  able to prove any deception.  They would have to prove what never happened.


There is no reason whatsoever to postpone indefinitely the resolution  of this matter.  The silent extension of the Accord not only will be detrimental to the interest of Greece but, it will give the FYROM the advantage of the time which will pass.


By all means we are not the parties making Foreign Policy; however, I  hope you very well understand, coming ourselves from that part of Greece , we  have any right to be gravely concerned about the outcome of any negotiated result.


We pray that God's providence will be with you to guide you and we  trust that your wisdom, patriotic sentiment and deep sense of responsibility  to our ancestral History, will lead you to the proper, for the interest of Greece , solution which is consistent with your Oath of Office.


 Very Sincerely,


Nina Contodina-Peropoulos Supreme President Pan-Macedonian USA , Inc.