[185] Turkey is responsible for everything in Cyprus Sener Levent writing
in AVRUPA (12.5.01) in his column ``Angle'' says: Turkey

is responsible for all the events that happened in north Cyprus since
1974. That is those who rule Turkey. All the world accepts this.

That is everybody except us. On top of these is one of the most respectful
institutions of the World, the European Court of Human Rights.

In this Court Turkey defends herself in a strange manner by claiming that
``I am not responsible for events happening outside my territory/.

But, she is unable to convince anybody.

She will not convince anybody. Whom can she convince since she cannot even
convince me here as a Turkish Cypriot?

Everybody knows that Turkey has settled here with her 40 thousand troops,
not only in the property whose title deeds belong to the Greek Cypriots
but in the property belonging to the Turkish Cypriots.

The Turkish ambassador is not an ordinary ambassador here. A lot of people
knock the door of the Turkish Ambassador to settle their loan/credit

The entry and exit from our country is directed with the Ambassador/s

Our government or our parliament cannot say anything against the
Ambassador/s orders.

If we ask the ordinary people in the street: Whose words have weight in
this country, ``the Turkish Embassy/s or the Assembly/s''?

The answer is obvious.

Who is the commander of the Security Forces here?

General from Turkey.

Who is the head of the Civil Defence?

Colonel from Turkey.

Who is the governor of the Central Bank?

A bureaucrat from Turkey.

Under whose jurisdiction are police and the fire fighters?

Turkish General.

After all these who will believe that you (Turkey) are not ruling here?
Who interrogated me at the police? In the presence of two Turkish
Cypriots? The Turkish officer.

Who is the person who openly cursed the prime minister of this country in
these interrogation rooms?

Turkish officer.

After all this you will go to the ECHR and you will say that `I am not
responsible for the events that happen outside of my territory/ Don/t you
think that people make fun of it?

What did journalist-writer Guneri Givaoglu say last night on the TV

Turkey will either accept that she had occupied north Cyprus and will
decide to annex this land and forget the EU or she will pay billions of
dollars to the Greek Cypriots such as Loizidou.

There is no other way out! If there is, let us say it.

We have come to the end of the road The curtain will fall.

`The Naked King/ play will come to an end.

Gengiz Candar, Hadi Uluengin, Ahmet Altan, Erdal Guven, Guneri Civaolgu
etc are not alone.

Soon the whole of Turkey will revolt against this illogical Cyprus policy.
The ones who are walking on this road are aware that they have reached the

They are on the verge of losing their unfair benefits.

For this reason this is the most dangerous part of the play.

Ahmet Altan has said:

Pay attention to protect your life during this period. Because the last
action that a thief, who realizes that he will be caught will resort to is
reach his weapon.

For this reason, those who look for attacking us, do so because they
realized that they have reached the end of the road.

Like the retreating armies that burn and loot the cities that they
withdraw from, they too are getting ready to fire their last bullets''.

Sthnidia dieu8unsh kai sto prwto ar8ro pou exei, mporeite na diabasete to

The Greek Cypriot side is a gradually flourishing sector of the island.
Unfortunately, while it moves to integrate with the EU, the ``TRNC''
struggles to solve its economic problems. Meanwhile, what has been feared
has actually taking place. Many Turkish Cypriots have either moved or are
preparing to move to other countries. Many thousands of them have applied
to the Greek Cypriot officials to acquire the "Republic's" passports.